Office building „Drosbach, Clôche d’Or“

Construction time: 2000 – 2009
Place: Clôche d’Or, Luxembourg
Surface: 45 000 m2
Client: Gawalux
Architects: Stephan Braunfels Architekten, D- Berlin ARGE Drosbach : Marc Gubbini, Linster & Stupar, architectes, L- Luxembourg

Concept of open spaces – Breaking the waves –

Ring shaped segments of a circle made up of vegetation, fine stone chippings and wood which focus the attention on open spaces in close connection with dominant architecture.

The strips of vegetation undulate from the central tower of the building while passing by the roof surface of intense vegetation towards the surrounding landscape. On the level of the colours, each interior court directs itself towards a new chromatic spectrum (yellow, red, blue and white).