ZANO Fridhaff, Diekirch – Erpeldange-sur-Sûre

Study: Plan vert, 2015-2016
Site: Fridhaff, Luxembourg
Surface: 46 ha
Client: Municipal administration of the City of Diekirch
Municipal administration of the Erpeldange-sur-Sûre
Architect: Holweck Bingen Architectes
Landscape architecture: MDL

PAP ZANO Fridhaff – Plan Vert

The guiding principle of the landscape planning concept is to ensure the external connection of the commercial area to the existing buildings by forming a buffer area that is variable in terms of width and design. Within the commercial area, care was taken to create, by means of vegetation strips along the way and a system of open rainwater hollows, as high a degree of biotope networking between the sealed areas as possible.