Parc Terrain AS, Differdange

Execution phase: 2018-2020
Site: Differdange
Surface: 1.3 ha
Client: Municipality of Differdange, Ponts et Chaussées
Landscape architect: MDL

The park is located in the street “Rocade de Differdange” between the new youth centre and Creative Hub 1535. A diagonal main axis with a cycle path divides the green area into two zones.

The northern part consists of a multigenerational park with a sports area, a children’s playground, a relaxation zone and an adventure park retention area. The southern part, which shows a more urban character, accommodates the open spaces for the new youth centre.

In order to increase biodiversity, linear connective structures with hedges and rows of wildflowers are created next to a species-rich plantation of native tree types.